Forex News Gun 


Information as quoted from PFA: This is a standalone application, no need to install and it doesn’t make any changes in registry (and actually it doesn’t write anything on the disk). That is it requires minimal administration – probably the simplest is to save it on the desktop.


Brief Background: Peter the author behind Forex News Gun on PFA offers daily signals and detailed usage instructions how to use his signals with Forex News Gun, You can find the signals here [FPA Forex News Gun Signals by Peter]. Make sure following up this forum section to ensure you don’t miss the updates and signals as being posted by Peter.


In Action: The idea behind FNG is extremely simple and yet amazingly efficient, it helps you to pick the higher importantly economical news/events and trade it on your platform either its web based or software based as MetaTrader.  It allows you to set your mouse clicks ahead of time and rule it based on economical release results if the results negative it will take short and if the results positive it will take buy, as example.  It does it extremely fast and avoids the common delay of human factor that takes to read the economical release and make the right buttons pressed.

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Detailed Instructions & Download: [Download Forex News Gun]


WARNING: Remember – any trading of any type is HIGH RISK. Never risk money you cannot afford your self to lose.