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Our Live Test Begin: 09.09.2015

Editorial Introduction

We been looking around for additional Forex Robots that we would love to test for our community readers. Something that is really giving a certain unique technology and benefits beyond the normal, majority Forex Robots out there.  We have accidentally met online this interesting Expert Advisor “ForexIMBA”.  What has took our attention?  It has sort of modular money management divided by sessions, can’t remember when I saw such thing anywhere else and yea its sort of unique,  it has very little deposit as minimal deposit requirement – its nice since it shows that this EA can handle smaller accounts (potentially),  in our communication test with it’s developers  we met great people with fantastic communication and support and as final it has impressive gain of 677% since April 2014 on high risk mode and 380% on medium risk.  Both accounts are real money accounts, verified by myfxbook.

So, we liked overall this whole stuff and promises….why not give it a real live market test our self’s? That’s what we are doing here, isn’t it? 🙂  Let’s go!

Author’s Official Product Introduction:

Foreximba is an automatic robot for trading on Forex market. It allows you to trade on international foreign exchange market without special skill or knowledge. In our advisor there is possibility to choose which part of deposit you want to trade so that you aren’t risking the bigger sum than you were intended. Foreximba is equipped with all technologies which provide your account maximal protection from hard StopLoss and TakeProfit for any opening trade to automatic switching between 4- and 5- digit quotes.

Key Features:

  • Fixed lot size no martingale
  • Draw-down control
  • Compatible with any broker
  • Unique Multi-Session / Multi-Level Money Management, allows to set a part of your deposit in percentage, which the EA will use in trading for each session
  • Ability to start from deposit as little as 54$



Author’s Real Money – Live Verified Account


Foreximba works successfully on our accounts for a year and during this period of time has shown stable and very profitable result. There is real money on all our accounts, it is not a demo!

Foreximba AUDUSD High - live statistics on real money account

Foreximba AUDUSD Medium - super profitable Expert Advisor on real money account

Foreximba AUDUSD High - very profitable Forex trading system on real money accountForeximba AUDUSD Medium - very reliable and profitable robot on real money account

All trading results of real money accounts are verified by myfxbook company.

Modeling of trading on history data

The best way to find out the profitability and reliability of trading system is to check its statistics on Forex market for the last couple years. We have made such tests for two currency pairs AUDUSD and EURUSD (additional pair). As you can see below, even for the last years the results are really astonishing. And now the system works even better what can be seen on our trading accounts!

FOREXIMBA  #1  AUDUSD  FROM  $1000  to  $449 955 401

Foreximba backtest for currency pair AUDUSD from $1000 to $449 955 401

FOREXIMBA  #2  AUDUSD  FROM  $1000  to  $4 565 344

Foreximba backtest for currency pair AUDUSD from $1000 to $4 565 344

FOREXIMBA  EURUSD  FROM  $1000  to  $1 430 414

Foreximba backtest for currency pair EURUSD from $1000 to $1 430 414

Our Live Performance Test

Began on: 09.09.2015 | Mode: Session 2, Risk: 30%

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