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PERFORMANCE REVIEW | Test Start Date: 10.09.2015 [Completed]

Performance Review Mission: Educate the traders about the EA’s actual performance in the live market running by our own terminal without any access from the author of that EA.


Available Special Offers:

A. Special for our readers: $240 Life-Time (345$) License: [Here]

B. $4 (four dollars) One Month (Demo Account) License: [Here]

2nd option is for those who want run back test and test  bit on live market before buying life time option.

(Test Restarted on 10.09.2015 to move the live test from Boost to Secure mode, this way educate how this EA works in it’s long term, steady growth mode rather then short term “boost” mode which is less reliable and not designed for long term account growth)

Developer’s Introduction:

Why and what for FXOxygen was designed?

We are tired of watching how low-quality and fraudulent EAs are being created and sold by unscrupulous developers in the Forex field.That is why, we decided to exercise the highest degree of responsibility in creating of our EA:

1. The very first thing, we checked our strategy on a back-test for the last 10 years. After all, if the system does not show good results even on a back-test made for many years, what kind of reliability in real trading we can expect. And we were very successful at this point – the system had shown excellent results for all 10 years.

2. In order not to risk money of our clients and not to release under-fulfilled EA, we decided to first use it for a long time ourselves and trade with our own money. After 20 months of a very successful trading with real money, we realized that the main trial had been passed.

Now, when our product has passed all of these tests and trials, we are convinced that high-quality and reliable EA is ready and it is FXOxygen!

Editorial Introduction:

FXOxygen, might be a new player in the Forex Expert Advisors Industry but still benefits from over 20 months of live market performance by it’s developers.  What has attracted us most in this EA? Honestly?  Few things:  1. It’s name 2. Boost Mode which allows us to trade on extremely small accounts below 100$ and yet potentially gain up to 100% monthly (that what devs says) and 3. It’s Secure Mode –  Long term, stable income which we LIKE.

Words, promises, cool names…. yea right… we are here to make the reality test…so…

We are going to start with 1500$ balance on a Secure Mode using both supported pairs EU and UJ…. 

Let’s go ahead…

Let’s observe the key features of this EA as listed by it’s authors: 

  • Boost Trading Mode for Aggressive Fast Gains
  • Secure Mode for Long Term Stable Growth
  • Ability to start from extremely small balance, as low as 70$ for Boost Mode
  • With each order free licenses for demo accounts
  • Reliable, honest developers with great support
  • Transparent, over 20 months of live trading reports
  • Easy to setup, almost as plug & play
  • Trading only two pairs EUR/USD & USD/JPY on 30 minutes time frame
  • Free lifetime updates

Some past results from the EA Developers:

This is a backtests of a secure mode since 2006. That is the mode we recommend for a continuous trading:

EURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar) Period 30 Minutes (M30) | 2006.01.02 00:01 – 2015.07.31 22:59 (2006.01.01 – 2015.08.01)

The backtest results FXOxygen Secure EURUSD - mega profits for short time with FXOxygen, new Forex EA

USDJPY (US Dollar vs Japanese Yen) Period 30 Minutes (M30) | 2014.01.01 23:00 – 2015.07.29 23:59 (2014.01.01 – 2015.07.30)

The backtest results FXOxygen Secure USDJPY - reliable and secure trading style with FXOxygen EA

The results of a back-tests of extremely profitable mode (Boost). This mode can be used to get big profit in a short period of time:

EURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar) Period 30 Minutes (M30) | 2014.01.01 23:00 – 2015.07.29 23:59 (2014.01.01 – 2015.07.30)

The backtest results FXOxygen Boost EURUSD - unbelievable profit with FXOxygen robot

 USDJPY (US Dollar vs Japanese Yen) Period 30 Minutes (M30) | 2014.01.01 23:00 – 2015.07.29 23:59 (2014.01.01 – 2015.07.30)

The backtest results FXOxygen Boost USDJPY - FXOxygen is incredible trading results on Forex market

More information from the EA Developers:  FXOxygen Incredible trading results on Forex market. MT4 robot up to 100% monthly stable profit every week 100% monthly Highly profitable Very reliable Two trading modes FXOxygen is a Forex robot that operates automatically 24 hours a day and its only goal is to earn money on your account. With our product you can be sure that you get a reliable and qualitative EA, as it has been very successful in trading on account with real money for more than 20 months!

Live verified performance by myfxbook via investor data. The account was funded with real money by the EA authors,  that is why you will get the same results as we have:

This is a live statistics of our account with real money, where the trading has been going since January 14, 2014! All the results are confirmed by independent and reputable company Myfxbook.

The Test Begins..

  1. We’ve arranged dedicated Server located in Germany high-end data center / network facility for lowest latency
  2. We have installed dedicated MT4 terminal running this EA on the support two pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY 30M Time Frame.
  3. For test we are using highly reputable, regulated Forex Company Server “Alpari” in demo account with 1500USD balance.
  4. Testing Start Date: 10.09.2015

oxyBEGIN 2

So what’s Next?

  1. We will be running this Demo terminal on it’s dedicated server for a period of two months.
  2. We have connected this terminal to MYFXBOOK so everyone can see in real-time whats happening.
  3. After two months we will be able to write here an add value information to conclude our impression from this EA running on a live market for that period of time.
  4. As always, we hope that our review and real market test helps you to make your educated decision about making your right choice.

Our Test Account Live Performance | Secure Mode | Developer’s Account

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