Are you a successful trader or you keep losing consistently?

Complete, Automated, Remote Forex Trades Copier Solution for MT4
Successful traders differ from amateur traders with their discipline, knowledge, skills and specific character traits. It takes a lot of time to grow these features inside of one person. You should be proud of yourself because you’ve managed to make your way through obstacles – you’ve reached those 5% of people who make their living on Forex. Now you have 2 options from here:


If you choose the 2nd option then you are again at the crossroads: what method of learning to choose?

The problem is that most of the people will never learn your tactics because it is too complicated for them. You must admit that the majority of people are lazy; they want to get a result without doing anything. And due to statistics only 5% will be able to estimate your knowledge by implementing it into the real trading. Fortunately, we can satisfy the needs of both categories of traders.

For the lazy ones we have Forex Copier. It is the tool that allows copying trades from successful traders (to whom you belong as well). If you select this variant then your actions are pretty simple:



Let’s count it together. You buy a Forex Copier license for $299 and set the price for your Forex signals at $50 a month. This price is affordable for most of the client – in fact most of them lose much more every single month. It means that just 6 clients’ monthly fee will pay off your Forex Copier license. By the way this license is a lifetime one – no monthly or year fees are attached – pay once and no more! There is also no limitation on how many accounts you wish to open. It is only limited by your ability to attract students. Choosing this offer you make a great investment in your future (you are really competent when it comes to investments otherwise you will not be that successful on Forex).


You’ve been studying Forex for quite a long period of time and still there is no outcome? All those books, videos and hours in front of computer seem to be useless. As you know the majority of people cannot put the theory into practice. 95% of all traders keep losing every day and you should not be ashamed of it. Trading is an occupation that is not for everyone. You won’t blame the person who doesn’t understand math or who is not able to become a lawyer, right? So what are you supposed to do? Are there any opportunities for you if you cannot understand Forex?

There are 2 main possibilities you can make use of.


Whenever that trader earns money you earn too. Losses are inevitable but because of that trader’s ability to win most of the time you will win most of the time too.



If your trading is extremely bad then you can even copy your own trades. Open 2 accounts: on the first one you will open the trades due to your technical analysis; on the 2nd account the reversed trades will be open. This will also bring you the profit.

How to start your own signal providing service when you do not know how to trade?

There are 2 opportunities for that:



For the traders who want to learn by themselves we provide:

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