PZ Safety Net EA | Introduction by it's Developers

The PZ Safety Net EA turns your losing trades into winners using a unique imbalanced hedging strategy which places alternative pending orders until an exit point is reached.

 Easy to set up and supervise

  • Controllable risk and net exposure
  • Risk and drawdown are pre-calculated
  • Performs with any symbol and spread
  • Suggested data sets for different balances included
  • Backtests using random trades, and makes money!
  • Trade easily from the chart buttons
  • Trades mini accounts from 500$
  • All you need is a VPS!

The usage and configuration of the expert advisor is very easy.

  • Load the EA
  • Load the setfile for your account balance or…
  • …edit the settings until the risk is acceptable
  • Use the chart buttons to buy or sell!
  • Let the EA manage the trades!

It offers a complete trade management solution, from initial trade to recovery.

  • First, the EA tries to perform break-even and assure capital preservation.
  • Second, the EA applies a configurable trailing stop method.
  • The recovery mechanism kicks when a trade goes into negative.

Boost your trading results with the best hedged loss recovery expert advisor, just like our customers have already done!

How does the recovery mechanism work?

Finally, The Truly Complete Trade Management SOLUTION, Trading & Recovery All In One Software for MT4.

Exit Your Trade Right Is The Key

Many traders learning how to enter their trades and majority learning this part with a great success.  However, many unable to determine their optimal point of exit and turning on emotions as well as a greed and those avoiding from the trader properly come up with a decision as to when it’s right moment of exit. Take profit and leave that trade alone OR perhaps take a minor loss and work on a path to recovery.

SafetyNET provides you exactly those algorithms in automated, emotionless way, strictly following it’s rules and getting the goals you’ve pre-defined for it before entering your trade.   It will handle the take profits, stop loss and proceed for you the recovery of your trade into a profitable or as least break even zone. 


SafetyNET those far comes for us as a very handy tool that does what many traders struggling to do themselves, making a proper decision of exit and recovery. SafetyNET takes our manually opened trades or even those trades that we have opened using another expert advisor, monitors the open trades, moving our stop loss to the desired pre-defined breakeven and works out completely automatically our way out from the open trade so we aint only get out without a tremendous loss but also make some profits on the run.

Furthermore, with SafetyNET your manual entry decision can be completely wrong and still the mechanism behind this sophisticated tool will take full drive control, pick the desired trend breakout and take your trade out with as much profit as possible as per the conditions pre-defined in th settings.

Fundamental /  News  economical traders will find in SafetyNET a great friend. No doubt here.  SafetyNET can be used to trade major financial events and handle for you the closer of your trade as well as it’s recovery by automatically setting up the break-in/out levels and execute the trade in the direction of the break-in/out during the financial event. So even if you’ve picked the wrong side, it will close your trade and take the “right” one based on the direction where the price made it’s major move.

Additionally, we’ve got the decent indicator called “Pz Day Trading” this one comes both with a scanner and the indicator in a single package.  We’ve found this product incredible mate to the SafetyNET as it scans in real-time all our market watch pairs, offers us real-time breakout patterns with both alerts, notifications via email/phone and visual on the chart. The scanner is an amazing addition as it can scan all the pairs using a single chart, no need to open the indicator in 30 different charts. This is a major advantage.

Some times the human being can’t be too fast to catch the market moves and adjust in real-time to the situation, SafetyNET certainly don’t have this problem.




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