World Wide Users Can Get IOTA Via Exchange

Using the partner URL below, you will be eligible for 50% discount on the fees during the initial one month:

To get IOTA you will need Ether or BTC

Those of you who may not have BTC or Ether yet. You can get those almost instantly via BitPanda Exchange with almost any common payment method from a credit card to Skrill, Neteller and more…

So you have Ether or Bitcoin…Ready to get IOTA?

Go to the IOTA exchange service as mentioned above and within seconds you will be able to exchange your Bitcoin or Ether into IOTA at the real-time market rate.



So basically I can use my Credit Card, Bank Account, Skrill and Neteller to get IOTA, Bitcoin, Lisk, Ether and other crypto currencies?

Yes. Using BitPanda you can certainly use your Skrill/Neteller or your credit card to get Ethereum or Bitcoin and then trade those on the Binance exchange to buy / trade / get any of the other popular crypto currencies, including IOTA and Lisk.

Using the following two simple steps:


Disclaimer: This tutorial created for those who need help in getting IOTA online.  This is NOT a trading recommendation of any kind.