ZUP The Gartley Patterns Indicator 

There are many free versions of ZUP here is attached the version which i found mostly friendly and easier to use out of the box.  There are different techniques of how one can trade and properly enter the market with Gartley Patterns.  


Here are couple of sources where you may find educational content related to how to trade this patterns:

  1. ForexEasy Quick Guide for Gartley Patterns Trading with ZUP Indicator
  2. FREE  Education: Gartley Patterns [BabyPIPs]
  3. iML Academy Course (Commercial, iMarketsLive Live Daily Education)

Brief Indicator Description:
ZUP scanning the MT4 currency pairs, futures, stocks and all other kind of instruments for potential Gartley PatternsFor other versions you may visit the TSD community thread here [ZUP Gartley Patterns Thread on TSD].

Risk warning / disclaimer: Be aware that online trading (for example Forex, CFD or Binary Options) involves high risk. Your capital is at risk. Trade only with money you can afford to lose and talk to an expert before starting trading. We cannot be held responsible for your losses.

Source: TSD Developers Community
ZUP Developer: Nen (Russia)

FREE Download of the discussed above version of Gartley MT4 Indicator ZUP: