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FiboGroup, regulated broker and is one of the oldest and trusted Forex Brokerage companies in the Industry, offering STP/NDD ECN trading technology ensuring you as a trader getting the optimal trading conditions. FiboGroup been operating for the last 17 years and as part of it’s services offering wide range of PAMM investment options. 

“Stability” is one of the Russian Top Rated Forex Trading Teams running their accounts for several years (approx 6 years) and are one of the PAMM managers that didn’t failed while the rest failed last years during the tough market periods.  “Stability” kept growing and show it’s consistent, stable success for it’s investors.  “Stability” has chosen FiboGroup for it’s 2016 year PAMM grand opening and allows anyone invest from as low as $100 into this PAMM.

This page been created to help the Roel Alder’s referred investors to invest in the PAMM using few simple steps.

FiboGroup PAMM organizers Alexei K. and Yuri K. provide more easy and straightforward way to assist it’s clients to connect to the desired PAMM account.


Manager's Fee


Investor's Commission

Step By Step

  1. Open real client cabinet here: (Open Real Account)
  2. Upload the documents for verification passport + utility or bank report from last 3 months that has address on it.
  3. Send email to  “I am joining Stability PAMM via Roel as a PAMM Agent, Uploaded documents please verify and add me into introduction group 15213055”.
  4. Verify your cell phone number using an SMS/CALL option in the cabinet.
  5. Join Roel’s Skype room with FiboGroup’s PAMM organizers (Yuri & Alexei) via the Skype Group [Here]
  6. Once verified by Yuri/Alexei you will be able to make deposit / invest funds (no deposit possible without verification).
  7. Once invested the funds in “invest” section of the back office and Alexei/Yuri confirmed this for you, you will be able to move the funds from invest cabinet into the PAMM via Roel’s personalize service link: Move Funds into PAMM

Important: Your Specialized FiboGroup PAMM Organizer and Account Manager Yuri K. Skype ID: ykraskofx  For all  questions during the sign up / deposit and customer service after deposit, Yuri will be your dedicated, personal account manager for all questions.

Bonus: From time to time free educational webinars offered by the academy, if you want be notified about this free webinars from FiboGroup, make sure ask the account manager Yuri K. about it.

 For any issues/support/information, feel free to ask in the official PAMM Skype Group [Here] If you came via Roel, please, mention you’ve came via Roel so you are properly handled underneath him.

STP / NDD ECN Broker Partner

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